Assistive devices distribution by Forward Looking for people with disability

Forward Looking has distributed the following assistive devices for the people with disability. It was distributed in Kailali, Banke, Palpa, Kaski, Saptari, Kathmandu and Lalitpur (Forward Looking). It was distributed from 22th July to 11th August 2017. The German team was actively participated during the assistive devices distribution period. The total materials list is as following:

S.No. Name of Assistive Devices Quantity
1 Wheelchairs 234
2 Toilet Charis 55
3 Walking sticks 50
4 Crutches with four legs 35
5 Invalid Carriage for handicapped peoples 48
6 Blankets for handicapped children and young people 20 blankets
7 Dollies Bags for handicapped children and young people 12 dollies bags
8 Pairs of sports shoes for persons with disability and other 1600 pairs of shoes
9 Boxes / Bags of spare parts and tool box for wheelchairs an walking aids maintenance 10 boxes spare parts
10 Bicycles for handicapped children and young people 2 bicycles
11 Scoters for handicapped children and young people 10 scoters
12 Boxes of Dust masks for handicapped people 100 boxes of dust masks


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