The FL has developed a formal structure of executive board of 9 members comprising Women, Dalit, janjati, and other. And also the 15 general member. The organization has established the practice of fair and democratic election system in regular basis with the criteria for candidature, tenure and recommended contributions in the organization. All the members are volunteer or non-paid. There are 15 general member.

SN Full Name GenderEthnicity Disability
1Mr. Rajesh Rai M Janajati None
2Mr. Sim Kant M Others Physical
3Mr. Basu Dev Adhikari M Others Blind
4Mr. Dorna Bahadur Sen M Others None
5Mrs. Somaya Gurung F Janajati None
6Mrs. Sabitra Kafle F Others Low Vision
7Mr. Rajendra Prashad Pant M Others Deaf
8Mrs. Sarita Koirala F Others Physical
9Mrs. Kopila Gurung F Janajati Low Vision
10Mr. Bharat K.CM Others Low vision
11Mr. Bharat BC M Dalit Physical
12Mr. Maniratna Regmi M Others Normal
13Mrs. Sadana Kunwar F Others Physical
14Mrs. Yadav Kumari Sapkota F Others Normal
15Mr. Surya Thapa M Others Normal