The Forward-looking (FL) has developed a formal structure of executive board of nine  members comprising Women, Dalit, Janjati, and other. There are 3 advisory committee. The organization has established the practice of fair and democratic election system in regular basis with the criteria for candidature, tenure and recommended contributions in the organization. All the members are volunteer or non- paid.

SN Full Name GenderPosition Disability Working Area
1Mrs. Tulsa Sharma (Hamal) F Chairperson None Disability
2Mr. Ram Mukhiya M Vice chairperson Blind Disability
3Mr. Tilak Bahadur Praja M Secretary None Government Teaching
4Mr. Bharat Shrestha M Treasurer None Management
5Mr. Tulsi Maharjan M Member NoneOrphan and old age group
6Mr. Dashram Dangol M Member None Social work
7Mrs. Chanda Basnet F Member Physical disabledSocial work
8Mrs. Bidya Thapa F Member None Social work
9Mrs. Bimala KathayatF Member Physical DisabledSocial work


SN Full Name GenderDisability Working Area
1Vijaya Manandhar M None Radio program
2Mohan Shrestha M None Paster
3Raju Manandhar M None Agriculture