Disables Empowerment Program For Persons with Disability (EPP)

With the goal of transforming the lives of persons with disabilities through vocational / life skill training, the EPP was introduced by the FL together with its international partner, The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM/ Nepal). The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported the EPP since 2009.

The EPP program supports activities focusing on capacity building, awareness raising & advocacy initiatives and income generating opportunities for promotion of rights of person with disabilities in different working districts in Nepal.

In addition, the project carries research and new initiatives on different disability works providing necessary infrastructure support for persons with disabilities. The FL provides On The Job Training (OJT) & Internship opportunities.  Under these programs, the participants get to practice their skills and enrich their working experiences that enable them to pursue a carrier in the trained areas. Also, the FL has started plant distribution for the persons with disability and among families of person with disabilities. The purpose is to support the environment and income for the family of persons with disability.