We believe in promoting rights every human. All the citizens of Nepal are entitled to their rights and FL promotes the rights of persons with disabilities, marginalized and children. Program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting will be done in a rights-based approach.

We are doing practice the right based approach through our valuable project, during the project design period we do design of new project by accepting the right based approach modality not as welfare modality. To incorporate this approach FL has secure the participation of PWDs in general members and board members as well which is clearly mentioned in our bylaws, beside this we have made gender policy which is supported to meaningful participation of social excluded groups in our organization’s leading positions too. In the project level we planned the project activities with closely coordination with local community peoples as their needs, always show our positive discrimination to ensure the marginalized people’s rights. We would like to promote human rights, capacity buildup of local community peoples and right holders by respecting the international laws and conventions.