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Parilakchit ( Forward looking-FL)

1. Background

1.1. Introduction

Parilakchit (Forward Looking-FL) is a non-governmental and not for profit  making organization registered in the  Kathmandu District Administration Office in  November 2002  and also affiliated with  the Social Welfare Council (SWC) under the Ministry of Women,. The  main aim of the  Forward Looking is to transform the life of disabled, orphan, single parent, Indigenous group, and  low caste.

FL has been providing its services to the needful population through main two programs  known as  Scholarship and Disabled Empowerment Program (DEP). Under the DEP program the  FL has been running   the activities of Awareness/ advocacy, Capacity building  and vocational activity   for raising  income and  to share best practices  with other related organizations. The main working approach of the FL is Partnering  with the  local NGOs, Self – help group and schools/colleges.

  Under the  scholarship program The FL provides scholarships directly  to the individual student and through school/ college and special education materials

1.2. Values of the forward looking:

  FL believes in providing quality  services  to the  right holders and support to duty bearer with full dedication and devotion to achieve this, The FL has set  and is committed to its core values. The FL members, Executive board, staffs, partners, volunteers/ interns are committed to abide by the values.

  • Accountability: FL is  responsible for  partners and right holders
  • Justice:    FL seeks for right holders.
  • Equity: FL promotes affirmative action for equitable opportunity
  • Love: Love is FL’s action through word, work and witness.
  • Transparency: FL is committed to operate in an  open and transparent manner
  • Respect to human Dignity: FLrespects rights, respect and human dignity through democratic programming

1.3. Working Approach of FL:

To empower and support the persons with disabilities, marginalized people and needy children FL will take following approaches

 Rights Based Approach:

We believe in promoting rights every human. All the citizens of Nepal are entitled to their rights and FL promotes the  rights of persons with disabilities, marginalized and children. Program development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and reporting will be done in a rights based approach.

 Partnership approach:

We work with self help groups, disabled peoples’ organizations, GOs, NGOs, networks, alliances to maximize the impact of our programs.

 Good Governance:

We believe and practice good governance in FL, its partner organizations and self help groups. FL has will develop its good governance policy and execute in this strategic plan period

1.4.  Vision, Mission, Goal, strategic objectives and program of Fowrardlooking:


 Fl wants to be established  as a resource center  for working to promote Persons with disabilities, marginalized people and children in need live independent and dignified life in inclusive society where human rights and justice prevail.


FL works to promote rights of persons with disabilities, marginalized people and children in need through awareness raising, advocacy, educational and economic empowerment in partnership with N/GOs, self help groups and communities.


Lives of persons with disabilities, marginalized people and children in need are transformed through educational support, vocational and life skill training


1.5. Strategic Objectives


To contribute to the  Vision, Mission and Goal of empowering the persons with disabilities, marginalized people and children in need, FL developed six Strategic Objectives focusing on education empowerment, economic Empowerment, awareness and rights, capacity building and mobilization of self help groups, life skill trainings and required capacity development of FL in the strategic plan period. Following are the strategic objectives

Forward Looking

Forward Looking

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