Sher Bahadur’s struggle शेरबहादुरको संघर्ष


Written by: Laxmi Shrestha

Published on: Apr 16, 2018 @ 14:31
Photo Credit: Laxmi Shrestha


If we were to compare life with a book it would be most appropriate because every phase of life is like a new chapter of a book comprising of the struggles and achievements. Like we turn the pages after every chapter life goes on after every joy, struggle and achievement. This is an inspirational writing about a physically disabled man named Sher Bahadur Saud.
Much details of Sher Bahadur Sauds family is unknown. He was born in 1974 ad in a remote part of Nepal. His mother passed away when he was still an infant. Fast forwarding to the age of 2 he suffered from conjunctivitis. Due to the lack of proper care and medical treatment a minor eye infection took away his eyesight forever. His dark world started from that point of his childhood.
Even though he had lost his sight, the zeal to study never died out in his heart. He used to hear about children of his age going to school to study and he too wanted to study. This dream came true when he was 9, his local guardians helped him to get admission in a local school. The school was free of cost for differently baled people, which was under theSher Bahadur Saud supervision of government of Nepal. He passed his school level studies from that school with satisfactory marks. This encouraged him to study further. He then continued his next level of studies with the help of his local guardians. He cleared his +2 level with good marks.
After this he was overwhelmed with financial issues in order to be able to continue his bachelor degree. Sher Bahadur still remembers the days when he was troubled by the money problem, when he was in search of help and support. One of his relative, Tek Bahadur Bogati informed him about Forward Looking and the work of this organization.
This good news brought Sher Bahadur to Kathmandu. As planned he visited the head office of FL and enquired about the documents required and all the procedures involved to get scholarship. He was very worried whether he would get scholarship or not. He filled the scholarship form and within few days the good news struck his ears. His application got verified and now he was able to study and stay under FLs supervision. For the next three years he studied his bachelors level and attended various disable empowering workshops. Many opportunities were given to him because of his hard work and keenness to achieve something in life. He even worked as a short term teacher in a school to earn some pocket money. His one year experience in the teaching field made him understand life and importance of education much more.
He wasn’t satisfied with his academic qualifications; he wanted to achieve master degree. He wasn’t financially equipped so once again he wrote an application to get scholarship for master level. Luckily he got scholarship again. He says that it was the happiest day of his life when got scholarship for the second time. He expresses his immense gratitude towards FL for this support. FL became his lifeline.
During his course of study he met Chitra Maya. Chitra maya has some physical deformities due to which are not able to work out as normal people. As time passed by they became closer and exchanged the ups and downs of life. They exchanged rings a while after their first meeting. Both of them accepted the way they were and promised to be with each other forever. Two years after their marriage they became a mother and a father. She gave birth to her first son. Their son is their hope and future. He is their lifeline who inspires them to work hard, struggle and be a better person.
Sher Bahadur is now done with his master degree course and preparing his thesis. He is even trying to get in a local school to be a permanent teacher. His life’s goals includes social work, future of his son and he wants to be a well established teacher. He has some doubts whether the government will easily grant him teaching license or not. Despite all these problems he is willing to fight for it the right way, determined enough to work till he gets success in his hands. His wife runs a small grocery shop to earn their livelihood. Some of his friends have come up with an idea to sell ensconce stick used during worship in Nepalese society. He too has invested a part of his savings in this business.
He has knowledge about making traditional bamboo stools and is planning to teach some self equipping skills to physically disabled people. He wants to equip this marginalized group and make them self reliable to earn livelihood. Through his enthusiasm we can note that Sher Bahadur is a very optimistic type. He says that the physical eyes see the luring world only but the inner eye are the one that visualize the kind of person we are.
He is very much satisfied with the way his life is going on. He enjoys the respect given to him by a lot of people. He wants to relay a message that education is everything and without it we are a total zero. He says that all physically disabled people are equally gifted as normal people and they can do anything if they are given opportunities. They can run the world and they can be on number one if help, support and suggestion at the right time.

शेरबहादुरको संघर्ष                                        

मानिसको जीवन संघर्षको बिताब हो । संघर्षसँग जुधेर जसले समाधानको बाटो निकाल्छ उसले नै जीवनमा सफलता हात पार्छ । यस्ता संघर्षशील, लगनशील र हिम्मतिला व्यक्तिको जीवनको एक अंश यहाँ मसेटिएको छ ।

शेरबहादुर साउद २०४४ सालमा यस धर्तीमा आए । सानै उमेरमा उनकी आमा उनलाई यस धर्तीमा छाडेर सधैँको लागि बिदा भईन् । जब शेरहादुर दुई बर्षका थिए उनलाई आँखा पाक्ने रोग लाग्यो । खुर्गम ठाउँमा उनको उपचार भएन् । यही रोगले उनले सदाका लागि आँखाको दृष्टि गुमाए । सदाको लागि नै दृष्टिबिहिन भए । दुई वर्षको उमेरसम्म देखेको उज्यालो संसार एकाएक अँध्यारो भयो । आँखा गुमेपछि उनको जीवनको एक भाग गुम्यो ।

आँखाको उज्यालो नभए पनि उनले नौ वर्षको उमेरमा विद्यालय जाने मौका पाए, तर गाउँको त्यो विद्यालय दृष्टिबिहिनका लागि अनुकुल थिएन । पढाईप्रति उनको लगाव थियो । उनी पढ्न चाहान्थे । उललाई सजिलो र खुसीको कुरा के भयो भने पढ्नको लागि भने पैसा तिर्नु परेन । सरकारले प्रदान गर्ने छात्रवृत्तिमा पढ्ने मौका पाए, कक्षा १ देखि १० सम्म नै । उनले २०६२ सालमा राजेन्द्रश्वरी माध्यामिक विद्यालयबाट दोस्रो श्रेणीमा एसएलसी परिक्षा उत्तीर्ण गरे । पढाईको एउटा तह पुरा भयो । उनको हिम्मत बढ्यो । अझै धेरै पढ्छु भन्ने आँट थपियो । कक्षा एघार र बाह्र पनि परिवारको सहयोगमा पढे र दोस्रो श्रेणीमा उत्तीर्ण भए ।

यसपछि उनलाई आफ्नो पढाईका दिनहरु समाप्त भयो कि भन्ने लाग्यो । एउटा यस्तो मौका आयो जसलाई शेरबहादुर हृदयदेखि सम्झन्छन् । उनलाई चिनजानका टेकबहादुर बोगटिले एउटा सुसमाचार सुनाए — परिलक्षित भन्ने एउटा गैरसरकारी संस्थामा अपांगता भएका व्यक्तिहरुका लागि छात्रावृति पाईन्छ ।

त्यो खबर पाएपछि उनी काठडौँ आए । टेकबहादुर उनका दाई पर्थे । उनको सल्लाह र सुझावअनुसार उनी परिलक्षित संस्थामा पुगे, त्यहाँ सबै कुरा बुझे अनि आवश्यक कागजपत्र बुझाए । छात्रावृतिको लागि आवेदन त गरे तर उनको मनमा अनेकौं प्रश्न उठ्न थाले । छात्रवृत्ति पाउँछु कि पाउदिनँ भन्ने लागिरह्यो । उनी आशावादी भईरहे । आखिर उनकालागि तँ चिता म पु¥याउँछु भन्ने उखान चरितार्थ भयो ।

छात्रवृत्तिमा उनको नाम निस्कियो । क्याम्पसको पढाई शुल्क र बस्नको लागि छात्रवास नि ः शुल्क उपलब्ध भयो । संस्थाबाट आएको सहयोगले गाँसबाँसको व्यवस्था भयो । उनले सानोठिमी  शिक्षा क्याम्पसबाट ३ वर्षे स्नातक तह उत्तीर्ण गरे । यसरी परिलक्षित संस्थाको सहयोगमा स्नातक तहको अध्यायन समाप्त गरेपछि उनलाई अरु अवसर मिल्दै गयो । उनले परिक्षित संस्थाको अपांग सशत्तिकरण कार्यक्रमअन्तर्गत सीप र तालिमको काम पाए । उनले सिद्धकाली माध्यामिक विद्यालयमा एक वर्षको लागि शिक्षक भई काम गर्ने मौका पनि पाए । उनले संघर्ष, सिकाई, सेवा र जीवनका बाँच्ने आधारहरुका बारेमा गहिरिएर बुझ्ने मौका पाए । यो एक वर्ष उनलाई जीवन बुझ्ने अवसर भयो ।

यो काम त एक वर्षको मात्रै थियो । यो कामले शेरबहादुरलाई शिक्षाको महत्व बुझ्न अझ बढी मद्दत ग¥यो । शिक्षा नै जीवन, जगत र समाज परिवर्तन गर्न सकिने माध्यम हो । भन्ने निष्कर्षमा उनी पुगे । उनले जसरी भएपनि पुनः आफ्नो पढाई अघि बढाउने बिचार गरे । स्नातकोत्तर तह पढ्न उनलाई फेरि पनि आर्थिक सहयोग चाहिन्थ्यो । उनले फेरि परिलक्षितमै छात्रवृत्तिका लागि निवेदन दिए । परिलक्षित संस्थापनि यस अघिको छात्रवृत्ति उपयोगी भएकामा शेरबहादुरसंग खुसी थियो । उनलाई सोचेअनुसारै प्रतिफल प्राप्त भयो । उनले छात्रवृत्ति पाए । यस अर्थमा शेरबहादुर आफुलाई भाग्यमानी पनि ठान्छन् । जीवनका उकाली ओरालीसंगै आएका अाँधी बेहरीलाई हटाईदिने परिलक्षित संस्थालाई जीवनभर सम्झिरहन्छु भन्छन् उनी ।

उनी भन्छन्, मेरो दष्टि छ, दुश्य छैन । परिलक्षत संस्थाको सहयोगले नै मैले जीवन दृस्टि पाएको छु । म परिलक्षितप्रति आभारी छु ।

शेरबहादुरले दृष्टि र दृश्यको परिभाषा गरे । उनी आफुलाई दृष्टिबिहिन होइन, दृश्यबिहिन सम्झिन्छन । जीवन र जगत बारे उनमा परिपक्व दृष्टि छ, छैन त केवल दृश्य । उनी दृश्य देख्दैनन् तर अनुभव अवश्य गर्छन् ।

पढाइकै सिलसिलामा शेरबादुर र चित्रमायाको भेट भयो । शेरबहादुर आफु दृशयबिहिन, उनीसंग भेट भइन शारिरीक रुपमा अशक्त चित्रमाया । केही दिनको चिनजानमा शेरबहादुर र चित्रमायाको लगन जु¥यो । कथा बेथा अनि शारीरिक रुपमा उनीहरुका आ—आफ्नै समस्या भए तापनि  मन र मस्तिष्कमा एक आपसमा बस्न उनीहरु सफल भए । उदयपुर जिल्लाको सामान्य परिवारमा जन्मिएकी चित्रमायाले एसएलसी पास गरेकी छिन । उनी कर्ममा विश्वास गर्छिन । बिहेको दुई वर्षमा उनीहरु छोराका आमाबाबु भए । उनीहरु औधी खुसी छन् ।

शेरबहादुर हाल स्नाकोतर तहको परीक्षा सकेर शोधपत्रको तयारी गर्दैछन् । दुवै जनाको जिउने आधारको लागि श्रीमती र उनी सानो किराना पसल सञ्चालन गरेर दैनिकी गुजारा चलाइराखेका छन । शेरबहादुले आफुलाएई उपयुतm जागिर पहिचान गरेका छन् । उनी शिक्षक बन्न चाहन्छन् । उनी यसैका तयारीमा लागेका छन् । भन्छन, ‘जीवन जिउन र सानो छोराको भविष्यका निम्ति सरकारी शिक्षको लागि शिक्षा सेवा आयोगको तयारीमा लागेको छु ।

सफल हुने मान्छे समस्यामा समाधान देख्छ असफल हुने मान्छे समाधानमा पनि समस्या देख्छ । शेरबहादुरलाई दृश्यबिहिनलाई शिक्षक लाइसेन्सको लागि गाह«ो हुन्छ कि भन्ने लागेको छ तर पनि हिम्मत हारेका छैनन् । उनी तयारीमा छन् । थोरैथोरै जम्मा पारेको रकमले हाल धुपको होलसेल पसल पनि सञ्चालन गरेका छन् । त्यसमा प्राय ः जसो दृश्यबिहिन साथीहरुको संग्लनता भएकाले आफु जस्तै अपंगता भएका व्यक्तिहरुका लागि केही गर्न पाएकोमा शेरबहादुर खुसी छन

अर्कोतिर उनले बाँसको चोयाबाट मुढा बनाउने तालिम पनि लिएका छन् । यदि कतैबाट उक्त तालिम सिकाउने अवसर आएमा सिकाउन पनि इच्छुक छन् । अपांगता भएका व्यत्तिहरु सीप सिकेर आत्मनिर्भर हुनुपर्छ भन्छन् शेरबहादुर । संघर्षले नै उनले जीवनमा धेरै सिक्ने मौका पाए । उनी संघर्षका लागि सधै तयार छन ।

शेरबहादर आफ्नो अाँखा गुमे पनि उनले आफुमा अर्को अाँखा छ भन्ने ठानेका छन् । आँखा छैन तर हिम्मत छ भन्छन् उनी । उनले आफ्नो जीवनको अाँखाबारे भने, ‘बाहिरी अाँखाले नदेखेर के भो त भित्री अाँखाले त देख्छु नि ! मेरा बाहिरी अाँखाका रुपमा श्रीमती र छोरा छन ।’

शेर बहादुर र चित्रमाया दुवैले मिलेर बाच्नको लागि रमाउदै संघर्ष गरेका छन् । शेरबहादुर भन्नछन्, ‘सबैले शेरजी भन्छन् । मेरो कोठामा आउँछन्, छोरालाई सबैले माया गर्छन् । सबैले सहयोग गर्छन् । घरबेटिले पनि विश्वास गर्छन् । लाग्छ मैले संसारको सबै खुसी पाएको छु । त्यसको कारण शिक्षा नै हो । यदि मैले शिक्षा नपाएको भए यो सम्मान , जीवन र आत्मसन्तुष्टि पाउने थिइनँ होला ।’

अपांगता भएका व्यक्तिहरुलाई शिक्षा र अवसरको खाँचो हुन्छ । उचित शिक्षा र अवसर पाएर आफँै गरेर खानसक्षम हुन्छ । उनीहरुको आफनै किसिमको फरक क्षमता हुन्छ । हामीले पनि आआप्mना ठाउबाट सकेको सहयोग ग¥यौँ भने अपांगता भएका व्यक्तिहरु आत्मनिर्भर हुनेछन् । उनीहरुले आफ्नो क्षमताको उपयोग गर्नेछन् । उनीहरुलाई उपयुक्त सीप र शिक्षाको खाँचो छ । यसो भए उनीहरुले आफ्नो क्षमता देखाउने मौका पाउनेछन् । त्यसैले आजकाल असक्तको भाव झल्काउने ‘अपांग’ शब्दको प्रयोग नगरी ‘फरक क्षमता भएका व्यक्ति’ भन्ने गरिएको छ ।

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