Laxmi Darji

Laxmi Darji

‘ I am thankful and successful’

Laxmi-DarjiLaxmi Darji was born on 1990 (2046 BS) in Terhathum District in east Nepal as the second daughter of family of eight including her parents, Harka Bahadur and Rama.

At birth, Laxmi’s eyesight was normal. However, when she was four she suffered from eye infection. As habit of visiting health posts for treatments did not exist in her village, her parents took her to the local Shamans. The eye situation deteriorated and villagers advised the family also to visit the local hospital. When the family took her to the hospital, it was found that it was too late for any further treatment and thus she lost her vision for the rest of her life.

As a blind child, Laxmi started to learn Braille at the age of 6 at local Jinuwa Secondary School. She learnt Braille language for three years. After that she had a break in her studies, as no one in her family knew a place for further braille language education. After some time, she got to know about a special school in Dhankuta where she completed grade five.

After completion of the grade five, Laxmi was transferred to Purbanchal Gyanchassu School, Dharan to continue her school education. A brilliant student, she secured very good results (75%) in the SLC (level equivalent to GCSE). After the SLC, she continued her college education (HS+2) level in Dhankuta. Her schooling and college education were supported by a Belgian organization and the local blind association respectively. After that there was a break in her studies yet again, due to poor financial family background. Fortunately, she came to know about Forward Looking (FL) and its scholarship program. Upon application, Laxmi was chosen as a FL’s scholarship student. From FL’s support, Laxmi was able to complete her Bachelor’s in Nepali. Today she serves in her village as a government schoolteacher in primary level. She supports her family and is living a content life. ‘Life has been a long struggle,’ She adds, ‘With support of various organizations I have been able to achieve this success. I am thankful and successful’


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