About Forward Looking

Established inabout us 2001 the Forward Looking (FL) is the national NGO working for empowerment of persons with disability in Nepal. We champion the rights of people with disability in Nepal. The FL is non-governmental, non-profit making, non-sectarian and non political organization working mostly in disability. The organization is run and operated jointly by people with and without disability.

At the FL, we believe that people with disabilities should have equal access to rights and opportunities. In Nepal, disability is often treated as a stigma and people with disabilities may easily face discrimination in all aspects of life. Our work includes combating injustices and advocating for the rights issues on national level via different programs.

We work towards improving the way people with disability are perceived and treated within our society. We do this by running income generating, capacity building initiatives, education projects and campaigns to educate the public about the issues faced by people with disability on a day-to-day basis.

Currently FL works in eight districts in Nepal. Our principal donor is Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM/ Nepal).

‘Thank-you Forward Looking!!’

‘Thank-you Forward Looking!!’

SunilSunil Subedi Chhetri was born in 1990 (2046BS) as the eldest son in the family in Rupendehi district. When he was just six month he suffered from eye-cataract (Jal-Bindu) which led him to a loss in his eye sight.

In the beginning his parents started treatment from Shaman in his own village. Obviously, there was no cure. Only then his parents, Late Tej Bahadur and Chanda Devi, took Sunil to the medical doctors just to realize that it was too late to receive crucial clinical treatment.

‘My vision has never really been good’, said Chettri adding, ‘ but it went worse when I turned eight. My sister stabbed into my right eye with a knife as we were playing. Ever since, my right sight was damaged.’

At time of the incident, Chettri’s family lived in India as his father was working there. The incident made them return back to Nepal while the father continued with his work in India. They made a lot of efforts to have eye treatment spending all the money and resources of the family. There was no success.

Then a blind school, Shree Shanti Secondary School in Butwal was founded. Sunil got admitted in class one, different organizations helped him to achieve education as the family was economically weak. In 2064, he got through the SLC exams (level equivalent to GCSE) achieving best results among his school colleagues. Upon completion of the SLC, he got scholarship to study higher education degree from the Forward Looking. The support continued so that he finished his Bachelor’s degree. Upon completion of his studies, Sunil was recruited as a teacher. Today, he is working as primary teacher as government employee in Rudrapur Higher Secondary School at Rudrapur, Butwal.

‘I feel that I am a very lucky. Despite my disability, I have got a government job, and I serve pupils in my own district,’ Sunil said, ‘ I am very thankful for the support I have received by the Forward Looking for five years of my higher education. Thank-you very much!!’

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