FL team

Name and Caste Position
1. Mr. Tekraj Pokharel Program Director
2. Mr. Bishnu Prasad Ghimire Field Manager
3. Ms. Masna Thulung Admin and Finance officer
4. Mrs. Laxmi Shrestha Program Officer
5. Mr. Sher Bahadur   Gharti A. Program Officer
6. Ms. Geeta Chhetri A. Admin and Finance Officer
7. Ms. Rabina Poudel Scholarship Associate Program Officer
8. Mrs. Sarita Nepali Receptionist
9. Ms. Kumari Puspa Rokaya Field staff, Kailali
10. Ms. Suk Maya Rasaili Field staff, Palpa
11. Mr. Junga Bahadur Dangi Field staff, Banke
12. Ms. Dhani Kala Nepali Finance Assistance
13. Mr. Ashok Lama( Parttime) Driver

The FL has established a clear personnel structure of Staff members in junior level to senior level with the expertise in the sectors of Disability and rehabilitation, especially in the field of social mobilization, Awareness, advocacy, Capacity analysis and capacity building, Vocational activities and management, organizational development, financial Mgmt, strategic planning, knowledge and networking Mgmt.

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