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Nepal Out Reach Students

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Students under Nepal Outreach program are divided in to three categories as School level, + 2 levels and bachelor level and provided scholarship support accordingly in 2015. As following

Students’ details:

Sn Name of the students Sex Ethnicity Level
1 Puja Bhudhatho Girl Other School
2 Sobita Maharjan Girl Janjati School
3 Ganga Maharjan Girl Janjati School
4 Sajin marjan Girl Janjati School
5 Rigen Dangol Boy Janjati School
6 Sujan Bhudhathoki Boy Janjati School
7 Sharmila Lopchan Girl Janjati School
8 Yunik Maharjan Boy Janjati School
9 Asma Sunuwar Girl Janjati School
10 Gyanendra Bhandari Boy Other School
11 Ganesh Mahat Boy Orher School
12 Rijesh Kapali Boy Janjati School
13 Rasmita mahaejan Girl Janjati +2
14 Ajaya Maharjan Boy Janjati +2
15 Rita saru Magar Girls Janjati +2
16 Kapil Kapali boy Janjati +2
17 Krista Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
18 Sanju Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
19 Amrita Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
20 Pratima Dangol Girls Janjati +2
21 Maheshwori Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
22 Manisha Dangol Girls Janjati +2
23 Nikita Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
24 Rogina Maharjan Girls Janjati +2
25 Terisha   Maharjan Girls Janjati Bachelor
26 Kanchan Maharjan Girls Janjati Bachelor
27 Sirjana Budhathoki Girls Janjati Bachelor
28 Nilam Dangol Girls Janjati Bachelor
29 Soni Dangol Girls Janjati Bachelor
30 Karna Bdr. Gharti Boy Janjati Bachelor
31 Sabina Maharjan Girls Janjati Bachelor
32 Anisha Dangol Girls Janjati Bachelor
33 Bijaya Darai Boy Janjati Bachelor
34 Mukesh Maharjan Boy Janjati Bachelor
35 Shristi Pariyar/ shrestha Girls Janjati Bachelor
 SLC graduated in 2015 Examination
S.No Name of the Students Sex Ethnicity Percentage
1. Manisha Dangol Girl Janjati 88.75
2 Nikita Maharjan Girl Janjati 89.26
3 Rogina Maharjan Girl Janjati 89.12
4 Kapil Kapali Boy Janjati 2nd Division
5 Rita Saru Magar Girl Janjati 2nd Division
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